Why Rent A Photocopier or Printer?

The Advantages of Renting a Printer

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that rushes over you as the copier in the other room makes that strange sound and stops working. You may even smell a bit of smoke. Of course, there’s a document you need in the queue. If you are lucky, you can figure out what its problem is and get it back up and running. If you had rented it, instead of buying or leasing, you’d have expert help to get you through this dilemma.


Why Rent Instead of Buy a Copier?

Many small businesses elect to purchase or lease a printer. They think this is the most cost effective solution. In the long term, it rarely is. Renting provides individuals with better service and a reliable device. Consider the differences in renting vs buying or leasing your next copier.


Renting is less expensive in terms of out-of-pocket expenses from the start. You’ll pay less monthly than you would leasing.

100% Performance Guarantee: Unlike purchases, your rented copier comes with help. That means you have a 100 percent performance guarantee always available to you. There’s no expiration date on when you can call for service.

Spend Less Money: As you grow and your business changes, you can change out the copier you have only if you’ve rented. Trying to sell or lease a new copier, on the other hand, means you’ll spend more money.

No Long Term Contracts: If you’ve purchased a lease for your copier, you are likely stuck in it for a set number of months or years. If the printer proves to be problematic that whole time, you are left without much help. With renting, there are no long-term contracts or leases.

No Need To Resale: A purchased copier is one you are stuck with until you buy another. Promised high re-sale value of printers doesn’t always pan out. This is a large investment often too big for a small business to make wisely.


Saves Money: This is a tough economy and to survive you have to save your company money. As your business needs change, so do your copier needs. Rainbow MPS programs allows for this by charging no fees for upgrading or downsizing your copier. We have companies that have grown from 28 copies a minute to 75 copies a minute, as well as companies that had 4 copiers that now have 2. Because they were not locked into a lease, there was no charge for changing the copier, allowing them to not waste overhead costs on equipment that was not needed.


Full Service Maintenance Agreement: Our copier rental agreements include maintenance, parts, labor, supplies, toner, developer and preventive maintenance (excludes paper & staples). The primary reason for a Maintenance Agreement is to cover the cost of toner used. We are a full service/maintenance and supplies provider. We are second to none, when it comes to customer and copier service. We have to be in order to keep your business. Your Maintenance Agreement is based on copy volume. The higher your copy volume the lower the cost per copy. As your copy volume increase substantially, your price per copy can be reduced.


Budgeting: Many businesses earn revenue over time - to pay as you use makes sense: Why pay out in one lump sum when with renting a photocopier you can make small fixed manageable payments? It equates to pay as you use. Payments made throughout a lease arrangement are unaffected by changes in interest rates; you can therefore accurately plan for lease payments in advance. And as cash flow can be forecast, cost of use can be compared with projected revenue and profits generated by the use of the photocopier / printer.


Upgrading Technology: It is well accepted that a photocopier or printer is not a business asset that appreciates: IT depreciates faster than the vast majority of purchased assets. So save purchases for assets that either appreciate or depreciate less. Leasing gives more freedom for up to date office equipment, important with printers and copiers, to be installed as required, less affected by budget restraints. Photocopier and printer leasing improves cash flow and creates a hedge against inflation, depreciation and obsolescence. Importantly, it allows you to take advantage of technology improvement at a time of your choosing and at a reasonable cost. By contrast, a business that owns its office equipment can only upgrade by reinvesting and disposing of the existing asset. A photocopier lease with Club Copying will include provisions to trade up to a newer model or, when necessary, to one that accommodates the higher volume, speed and features your business requires at the right time, giving you freedom to upgrade without buying new.


Multifunctional: Because the latest photocopier and printer machines are multifunctional i.e. they combine all the functions of a scanner, fax machine, printer, colour printer (if applicable), pdf writer, document manager (send files to email and mailbox), and photocopier, it makes sense to be able to upgrade all these products and facilities at the same time rather than having to deal with multiple outdated machinery. This is one of the newer benefits of leasing combined with the latest multifunctional technology.


Capital: It makes sense to use capital for expansion or appreciating business purchases. Leasing for office technology preserves precious resources for these purposes and other business opportunities. Furthermore, you are able to preserve your existing bank lines and optimise your use of commercial credit sources.


Flexible Payment: You can choose the option that makes for the most comfortable leasing arrangement, normally up to 5 years, giving immediate access to the photocopier / printer equipment you need, the necessary speed, and the right multifunctional technology, via payments your business can handle and without the large deposit normally associated with outright purchase.


Return on Investment: Let the new equipment provide you with a return ... The reason for a new photocopier or printer is to increase productivity; with leasing you are in the position to use the cost saving and increased production ROI to make the periodic payments


Instead, you could rent. Let’s talk about the options available to you. Contact us to get an estimated cost savings based on your unique copier needs.