Copier Rentals

  1. Conferences, tradeshows, temp offices or deposition rooms; we’ve done various setups for multiple industries.
  2. We are experienced in your needs.
  3. Weekly, monthly, short term rentals and long term rentals are available to suit your business.
  4. We’ll help you compare options and see what’s best.
  5. After hour pickup and delivery is available to accommodate our customers.
  6. Dedicated service professionals provide a complete installation and IT networking to ensure you work with ease.
  7. This expense is 100% tax deductible.
  8. We provide a brand new super fast photocopier with latest features.
  9. We provide an Expert Operator.
  10. We provide good quality copier papers of reputed brands.
  11. We provide good quality original toner.
  12. We take care of entire maintenance of the photocopier.
  13. Our operator will take out photocopies as per the order.
  14. Our operator will take an assistant belongs to our establishment, if the need arises.
  15. We will provide Spiral Binding and Comb Binding Machine.

Copier Sales And Leasing

  1. Rainbow MPS leases have NO escalation clause. You always know your costs for the entire rental lease.
  2. We know and trust our customers. Personal guarantees are never required to secure a lease.
  3. Choice is a good thing. While our service plans are terrific, Rainbow MPS never forces customers into service plans.
  4. We don't take our customers for granted. Rainbow MPS leases never automatically renew.
  5. We will earn your business each and every time.
  6. We want to compete for your service business.
  7. Let our staff help you move from your existing overpriced and restrictive contract into a Rainbow MPS rental agreement.
  8. Rainbow MPS's rental agreements are more favorable to your business.

Copier and Printer Service & Maintenance

With over hundreds of customers, an efficient and reliable service is the foundation of our success and growth and is regarded as the single most important factor in maintaining customer loyalty. Service and preventative maintenance are central to the working operation of Rainbow MPS. Without good service a photocopier soon becomes a wasted investment, quality deteriorates and the machine becomes unreliable with frequent jamming and constant error codes. We pride ourselves on our attention to customer satisfaction with regards to maintenance and reliability. We want your investment to serve your business well and with minimum incident. Our service team will make sure everything is running as it should such that we replace any parts that need replacing before their due renewal.


Document Finishing & Scanning Services

  1. Document Scanning Services: We offer a comprehensive document scanning service that can turn your business documents into more valuable digital business assets. We will guide you as you create a streamlined digital workplace. High-quality digital scanning is the first step of the effort, leading to a comprehensive electronic document management solution. Our scanning services are quick, accurate, and are of superior-quality images.
  2. Binding Services: Rainbow MPS provides a full variety of binding options to give your documents, training manuals or presentations an impressive look. Our finished bind documents are suitable for training manuals for corporate and educational institute, contract documents or files for commercial offices and homes. When you need to make your presentations stand out, and keep large documents tidy, we have the binding equipment to turn stacks of paper into beautifully professional manageable bound booklets.
  3. Laminating Services: Laminating is a great way to protect documents and increase their life span. We have gloss or matt lamination with various in thickness for you to choose from. Lamination adds value to your documents, pictures, photograph or certificate.